Relationship- A 12 Letter Word


Relationship, a 12 letter word that humanizes or demonizes human behavior.

Intellect takes a backseat when hearts connect. This connection gives you a choice to decide your path: Glory or Garbage. A toxic relationship with just personal benefits makes us go downhill.

A sweet relationship having mutual care and respect takes us places. The second one is what everyone must aspire for.

Friends with benefits are something I can never relate to. For that, business is perfect where 2 friends can collaborate and share the profits for career growth. But many youths today do this Business Relationship which is sad to see.

Yes, you want to grow in life, you should be ambitious, career-driven, but that doesn’t mean that the other one is a step for your ladder to success. It would be much better if both can climb the staircase together.

A lovely amalgamation of two people with distinct minds supporting each other and growing with care and respect. An important thing which if everyone implements, would stop the marital conflicts and abuses.

Empathy and trust would make one move mountains. Breaking that trust holds one back for some time.

When one chooses the other, it is after long deliberation and thoughts, and then to support him/her if you are not interested in your choice. Although if the other person is shy and cannot express, it doesn’t mean he is not hurt or unhappy.

I hope the youth understands this. Let’s take a pledge to support each other and be empathetic. Career growth and other luxuries would automatically follow.


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