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Kartik Narayanan

Power Of You, lies in your attitude towards the obstacles you face in life. Your future depends on the actions taken by you today and the power to use your today for tomorrow lies within YOU.

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kartik narayanan
kartik narayanan

Be grateful for what you have

Life is not only about how you are living in your own space, it's also about how it is happening around you. Show gratitude towards everything you experience around you. People, situations, weather conditions, all this are meant to be the way they are in your life. It depends upon your response towards their existence. If you want something in your life be grateful and if you do not want let them free.

Its' time to be grateful, take care of relationships & be future ready.

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Let's Bring Smile On Every Face

Working with others is not easy, working for others is more difficult, this is why we have been chosen as HUMAN.

The Guiding Force

APJ Abdul Kalam

Former President of Indian Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, also known as the 'Missile Man of India' worked for the development of ballistic missile and launch vehicle technology. He is the recipient of the highest civilian honour, Bharat Ratna. He is the most loved Indian President till date and is also referred as the "People's President." He was a Scientist, an Educator, a Writer who was always willing to serve public. Under his guidance I have learnt Humanity more closely than ever before. He has been a guidance force since I started my career, and I will always try to follow his footsteps to make this world more beautiful. The one best thing what I have personally learned from him is as a leader How to handle failure and success, and how to have a Strout heart when dealing with Failures. He was also a great Musician and always had compassion for VEENA (an Indian musical instrument). He loved cooking and Lemon Rice was his favorite dish. After serving his tenure as the President of India, he has left no stone unturned when it comes to engaging with school students to college students, as he firmly believes INDIA- as a nation can never go wrong when it comes to empowerment of YOUTH.


New Age Writer!

The 21CL FIX

This book is based on my experiences I gain while working in the educational industry for more than a decade. This book gives you the right insight into what schools need today and how one can improve one classroom leadership skills. The book is dedicated to every teacher I met, and every student I taught.

Read, Listen And Watch

Aspire to Inspire, My life was no different from yours, But I chose to keep moving on.



Dr. Kartik Narayanan has inspired many with his work. The motivation and the advice of how to live life, the values he taught to develop ourselves and our skills professionally and personally are the best and worth following. He has gained the trust and respect of everyone near him because of his passion, qualities, vision, and tremendous skills.

Madhavan K


Dr. Kartik has guided many to think in the right way, to work the right way, to love the right way, and most importantly to live the right way. He taught how to overcome fear, negativity, stress, depression, and how to live a free life with morals. His enlightenments has helped gain clarity towards things that we often neglect and are a part of us.

Laxmi Iyer


The person who guides you motivates you, teaches you, inspires you to be the best version of yourself is Dr. Kartik. He is the best life coach out there. His attitude towards life and his thoughts makes you think, see and understand life in a different and better way. His support and coaching have helped many to live the journey of life beautifully and to the fullest.

Virat Bhatia

Software Engineer

Thoughts That Determines Your Life

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