Books/Podcast That Changed My Life

Books/Podcast That Transformed Me To Who I Am today.

80/20 PRINCIPLE: The Secret to Achieving More with Less

By Richard Koch

Richard Koch, the author of this book explains how the "80/20 Principle" can be termed as the greatest secret. It states that 80% of the results come from 20% of thThe 80-20 Principlee causes. This book will let you know and learn how one can be more effective with fewer efforts, time, and resources. It will guide you on how you can identify and focus on the efforts that will yield more. You will master thinking, happiness, time, money, relationship, work, business, management, and winning systematically and practically. The author discusses how small inputs can make a difference, give better results and improve our effectiveness.

BECOMING SUPERNATURAL: How Common People Are Doing The Uncommon

By Joe Dispenza

After his research, the author Joe Dispenza describes how common people can live and experience a more mystical life. You will learn how witBecoming Supernaturalh the help of meditation, we can unlock our creative abilities and experiences. If you want to become supernatural with the help of science, and you believe in the miracle, then this book is a must-read. The insight and the instructions will guide you to understand your brain, the mechanism, your consciousness, and how you can create a new life by surpassing your past, life, and health challenges. It will help you develop unlimited mind and spirituality with a practical approach

IKIGAI: The Japanese Secret To a Long And Happy Life

By Héctor García and Francesc Miralles 

Ikigai – a reason to jump out of bed each morning. Art of living inspired by Japanese culture; specifically the residents of the IkigaiJapanese island of Okinawa – the world’s longest-living people – finding it is the key to a longer and more fulfilled life. This book will help you find your purpose, nurture friendships, and throw yourself into your passions and your ikigai. The authors describes that everyone is different, has a unique talent and passion; living a happy life and being worthwhile, nurturing it, and bringing meaning to your life is ikigai.

ATOMIC HABITS: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

By James Clear

The author James Clear depicted how our habits can bring a change in our lives, even the smallest. It is a self-help and self-improAtomic Habitsvement book guiding you on how to change your life. It will help you understand habits, how and why they are important, and how to get rid of bad habits and make good. This book consists of practical strategies about how our mind works, how our habits work, and what our system is. The author draws on the most proven ideas from biology, psychology, and neuroscience to make us understand how we can reshape ourselves and our lives.

THOU SHALL PROSPER: Ten Commandments for Making Money

By Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Rabbi Daniel Lapin has brought ancient, timeless wisdom to contemporary problems. You will get to know the practical approach to creatThou Shall Prospering wealth, prosperity, and integrity based on the established principles of ancient Jewish wisdom. This book will make you understand the principles of making money and explore the economic and philosophic vision of business that has been part of Jewish culture for centuries. The author describes the ancient technique with modern life practical to live a successful and happy life. You will learn how to build a business and network with ethics and ground rules, making money, getting to know yourself, and never retire.


By Ron Ashkenas and Brook Manville

The authors of this book, Ron Ashkenas, and Brook Manville, will guide you on how you can make an impact, inspire your organization, and get to the next level. It is a Harvard Business Review Leader's Handbookset of strategies, proven ideas, and a framework from experienced leaders in the business field. You will learn a concise explanation of a proven leadership framework; in-depth case studies of senior executives; and step-by-step guidance to help you understand and implement leadership practices, developing strategies, innovating for the future, and growing yourself. These are practical, and real-life tools that are needed by today's leaders.


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