Never judge a book by its cover.

We have heard this phrase many times in our life, but do we actually follow this phrase or try to apply this phrase in our life. Whether we believe it or not, we all are judgmental; we all have judged someone at one point in time. Judgment is a small word with the capacity to form your character and personality.

We pass our comments and views knowing that we know the person or the situation, but do we actually?

No, we don’t until we try to know.

Here’s my story. I met an ex-colleague once and, below is an excerpt of our dialogue.

He: What was your childhood passion?
Me: I won a medal in Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical Dance).
He: So, you must be regretting not pursuing that as your career?!
Me: No. In fact, over time, I realized I am good with adapting and dealing with challenges, love exploring things, am open to novelty, and am curious about learning and development.
He: So, what’s your newfound adventure?
Me: Travel. It opened my horizon to people, places, and perceptions.
He: But you get to travel through your dancing career too. Don’t you think you are angry you did not choose that?
Me: Candid Question. Am I being pushed to lie to myself?
He: Really? Am I pushing you to lie?
Me: To my mind, yes!
He: If that’s how you think, I rest my case.
Me: Do I get to say the last words?
He: Sure, but remember, no one is listening!
Me: One, I don’t care. Two, There was no case.
He: I heard you.
Me: No one is listening!

A few years later, we met again and, before me, he reminded me of this conversation. He admitted that he was shocked by my confidence, clarity, and conviction because that’s not how he knew me.

It triggered him to put me down. Because I pursued Bharatnatyam in my childhood and as I grew up, I took traveling as my new adventure, my colleague judged me that I am not satisfied with my life.

He thought that I was never confident enough to go after my career and was not sure of myself. But his impression of me changed after our conversation and getting along with me.

We are sometimes so full of our views about others and their lives, that we allow our vision to only see the outline and not the reality behind it. We believe in our opinions and sometimes tend to force them upon others.

We think that we understand their situation, but we don’t. Sometimes you may understand the situation, but the other person’s perspective.

We never know what is behind the outer appearance, behind the smile, the glossy eyes, the chirpy nature, the arrogant nature, behind a talkative mouth, a mute mouth.

Everyone has a story to tell; it may not be like a complete dramatic one, but has certainly impacted them, and their life.

You cannot guess the story just by looking at the cover of the book until you read it. You may get an idea of what the story will be like but you won’t know the protagonist inside out until you read it.


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