Conversation – Is it only about talking?

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Another huge buzzword in the market. Some of us also relate this to networking. We social beings love to chat and connect to people around us.

We are given to understand that anyone who is a ‘conversationalist’ can most certainly crack the code of many underrated dogmas like relationships, equations, acquaintances, network, business deals, elevator pitch, so on so forth.

So, the beginning of every meaningful or even baseless idea is the underlying programming of interactive learning.

We tend to accept or reject people, plans, and even business strategies on the grounds of good or bad word exchange. Sounds plain, but isn’t it huge?

Imagine a dialogue failure or even a chat massacre to have a conference of thoughts or views. What a silly thing, right? We could lose a potential client, customer, or business.

Not everyone is good with words they may feel everything but, they may not be able to put it into sentences. And because of their lack of communication or conversational skills, they are made to stand differently and sometimes lose something or someone.

The way words are put into a sentence matters a lot. We may not want to judge someone by the way they speak, but intentionally or unintentionally do judge them.

Mindful discussions can set us up for success, not only in business but also to define our character. The manner we present ourselves and put our words makes us who we are in the eyes of others, right?

Having said that, I find it the most engaging when dialogue or chat or talk is effortlessly participative; head-to-head, and undecorated. I find it seductive when people sell things merely by having a flawless interaction.

Less conversation is not good as well as over the conversation. Twisting a conversation can make things go the wrong way.

Take an example we all have someone in our life, maybe a friend or someone from our family that loves to talk. They don’t care about what they are talking about or to whom are talking; they will blabber about everything and anything.

Sometimes these people get everything they want because of their smooth talk and, sometimes they won’t because of their irritating talking.

Also, a quality conversation is not about only speaking but also about listening. It is not one way but two. It involves two or more than two in a conversation. You can be a good conversationalist if you are both a good speaker and a good listener.

You can’t just imagine being in a conversation if you are not willing to listen. There is a difference between talking and conversing. You talk when you speak but, you converse when you speak and let the other person voice their opinion.

A quality conversation is when the individuals involved simply put their thoughts or heart with the right choice of words. It may win you something or someone or, you may lose.

It is the art of holding a conversation in a way that gets your attention, curiosity, and awareness, all at once. You can talk about anything and everything in a good and intellectual conversation.


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