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It’s been 8 years since I realized that I have a strong sense of affinity towards people who use amazing words. It captivates & fascinates me to the core.

The best part of that feeling is primarily, that it stays with me for a very long time and secondly, it urges me to apply them in my connotations as well.

I really did not notice the power of words till I happened to meet and interact with innumerable people who made me recognize that words indeed have power.

The choice of words has the power to either make or break a conversation.

Take, for instance, you are in a meeting, there will be several people who will present their ideas on the same topic and the best one will get the shot. There is a person, who is presenting his idea, and it is really amazing, you are impressed with it.

Then the next person comes up and presents the same idea in a way that sounds more promising. His choice of words and the way he expresses have grabbed your attention, and you are more impressed than the previous person. And at the end of the meeting, who will you choose?

Obviously, the latter one, because the way he chose to frame his words impressed you.

Similarly, though our politicians have the same agenda and schemes, we select the one who has convinced us more. We vote for the person who could mold our minds simply with his/her words.

Even in our life, we all have one person who can convince us or mold our thoughts, because they know how and what words or dialogues they have to use to convince us.

There are several such words and phrases that I have heard from random people, acquaintances, friends, colleagues, bosses, etc., that left me transfixed.

For instance, I scrutinized my chat with a friend once and checked if everything was alright.

He was giving me the typical one-word replies to all my paragraphically drafted questions, to which he said “Yes, yes, I am fine. I am just comfortably numb.”

Wow! I was enthralled, dazzled, and charmed instantly.

Similarly, I recollect an acquaintance’s remark “You have an unshakable belief system.”

Your words can make someone happy or sad; make someone believe in themselves or shatter their belief; they can light the fire in their soul or they can extinguish their flame; it can fascinate someone or make someone hate you; words hold a lot more potential than we can think of.

They impact our life by making us choose who we want to be with. Sometimes we may want to say something but, the way the words came out of our mouth conveyed a different meaning, making the meaning, intention, and interpretation completely different.

Sometimes, big words have a subtle, compact yet very hard-hitting impact. It can create a space that is solid, firm, and forceful; yet very smart, sharp, and vigorous. So much that even an aggressive outburst may sound mild, simple, and plain before them.

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