Lit Skills Learning

Dr. Kartik worked as an educator for many years and  he started working in creating an educational atmosphere to ensure that the schools focused on motivating, engaging, and empowering 21st Century Learners for their future. To make education innovative with more use of technology, he founded LIT SKILLS LEARNING.

Project English

With the vision of crafting quality content for every child in our country, Dr. Kartik Narayanan created a flagship under the Lit Skills Learning. He believes that if we want to be the same as the other countries, then every child in rural India should be able to read, write, and speak English. Dr. Narayanan and his team created high-quality, dynamic digital content for schools and educational institutions to motivate and engage students in learning English. He and his team teach in the rural area at INR1/ per day per child.

Sugaradhana - Worshipping Health

Under the Project Sugaradhana, Organic Antimicrobial Disinfectant was created to fight Covid-19. The solution is tested and proved to kill Covid-19 Virus from any surface and human beings. This solution is citrus-based with zero chemicals, has Power Of Ayurveda and extremely safe for people of any age. 


Bharavase is another Project which is designed to provide education Support to UPSC Aspirants, Medical & Engineering Aspirants. Not only this, under this project Dr. Kartik Narayanan and his team has adopted 1000 villages and took the responsibility to work on Youth Enrichment Skill Based Programs…

Food With Love - Anbudan Sapadu

To ensure that there is no dearth of food, Dr. Narayanan started the initiative Anbudan Sapadu- Food with Love. This inertial food supply is for the poverty-stricken, anywhere anytime in Tamil Nadu.

In 2012, when he visited Thiruvannamalai, he had witnessed the distressing state of the Sadhus and started feeding 5-10 of them on a daily basis. Over a period this initiative has grown, resulting in 700 Sadhus that are served with fresh meals three times a day. 

Project Sharan

Sabari Sharan Garden Project focuses on using the dump yard for producing flowers used to offer Lord Ayyappa at Sabarimala. Dr. Narayanan, an Ayyappa devotee, identified the dump yard at the entrance of the Sabarimala Temple. He, along with his team, cleaned and set up a flower garden in an area of about 3,000 sq. ft. He and his skilled team planted one lakh saplings of 18 varieties of plants brought from Bangalore. The garden was inaugurated by the Special Commissioner appointed by the Kerala High Court in the year 2011. This project was initiated before the Swachh Bharat Mission, in the year 2014. They were recognized by the government for this, in the year 2019. This floral garden not only enhances the beauty of the Temple but is also used by the Pujaris to serve Lord Ayyappa.