I have come across several people who have certain strange ideas about money. We all have some weird money beliefs.

  •  Money shouldn’t be discussed.
  •  It is greedy to talk about money.
  •  Pretend to have less money.
  •  Pretend as if you have good money.
  •  You are a show-off if you talk about money.
  •  It is evil to have so much money.
  •  You are a respectable person if you don’t discuss money.
  •  Honest people usually are deprived of money and it is the arrogant and bad ones that make more.

But, how do people make money and become successful?

Let’s say money is energy. Breathe in Breathe out. Give and take. Now try replacing energy with money in all the above beliefs. It won’t make sense right?

Here’s something noteworthy.

✔️ Money problems are not solved by more money.
✔️ People who made money BELIEVED they can.
✔️ Money only grows if you BELIEVE in it primarily.

Did you know that 80% of your wealth is made because of your mindset! Yes, it is the growth mindset.

I have observed that successful people did not believe in the power of money; they believed in their potential, had the confidence in deliveries, and a genuine team that believed in themselves first.

Money is something that can be manifested. It won’t come less or, you won’t be short of it if you talk about money.

All the successful people believed in money. Imagine Mukesh Ambani hiding the amount of money he has. Do you think we would have known that he is a billionaire?

They believe in the power and of course themselves because it is them who is bringing money to them.

Money is a two-way system, you spend it, and you receive it. Let’s take an example of a business, to earn money, first, you have to invest it, that is spend money. Then you will receive the money you have earned.

We often name people as ‘show-offs’ if we feel that they are spending too much money or are just having a conversation about money. Why don’t we think they are just enjoying their life, spending and earning money?

We believe that influential people have more power over earning money; they can easily earn. It is not so; they can make money because they believe they can.

Now, I have heard people making negative comments about influential people and people with money.

Let’s talk about Ambani; many were gossiping about Ambani spending too much money on his children’s wedding. Of course, it is a topic of gossip but, the negativity that was being spread over this was wrong.

Why can’t we get a simple fact in our head that he has money, he is not afraid to spend it, it is his money, he earned it? If he can, so can you. You just have to stop buying myths and presumptions about money.

Not all influential and successful people have money. It is their choice.

Burst the bubble of myths and wrong beliefs, get control over yourself, your actions, and how you attract money. Money and abundance are related. Abundance is available; it is something you tune into.

Begin with a mindset and a perspective in place. Be grateful for everything you have, even a single penny, soon you will be grateful for a lot.


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